FAQ's Cleaning And Maintenance

Wooden floors have been a key feature within homes in Auckland, New Zealand for hundreds of years.   Today they provide insulation, style and easy maintenance for the home business owner.   Providing a safe allergy free environment for families, polished hardwood, engineered, laminate floors also add value to any property.  Here is some guidence around the care and maintainance of your recently completed wooden floor. 

Excessive water will damage and stain your hardwood timber flooring and could warp or expand your wooden floorboards.

Never, Never use a steam mop on your timber flooring, this causes the polyurethane to bake and go white, YOU will need our floor sanding services again to fix this problem.

DO use mats on hardwood timber flooring near entrance ways. They prevent grit and dirt being walked on the wood floors which increases the risk of scratching.

DO take your shoes off. So you dont walk stones or road grit onto your wooden flooring.

DO NOT vaccum your hardwood flooring with a vaccum beater bar or power nozzle. These are intended for carpet and will scratch and damage our beautiful floor sanding.

DO regularly sweep or vaccum your hardwood floors with a floor brush.

DO use flat mops to push particles of grit and dirt on you timber floors without trapping them under furniture.

DO NOT flood your hardwood timber floors with water, as it can cause warping, damage and cause the wooden floor to go black.

DO follow the grain of the wood floor to lift embedded dirt. this will give a more effective result

DO NOT use very HOT water on your wooden flooring. The heat will dull your finish and cause white patches which cannot be fixed. Our floor sanders will need to return and COMPLETELY resand your wood floors at extra costs.

DO NOT use vinegar, bleach or ammonia on your timber flooring. They are acids! Some are toxic but ALL will dull your wooden floors appearance.

DO use mild dishwashing liquid to lift any grease or grime on your hardwood timber floors.

DO keep mops dry or slightly damp to clean your wooden floors.


  1. With a slightly damp mop and a 1/4 of cup of mild dishwashing detergent to 1 bucket of water; wash your hardwood floor. This dissolves dirt and grime
  2. Wring out your mop thoroughly and wash your floor again with clean water. This provides a rinse for any residue on your timber flooring.
  3. Buff your wood floors with a dry towel. This removes any excess moisture and allows your floors to resume their beauty and lustre for years to come.

It is recommended this process be completed monthly or seasonally. If you choose to perform this more or less frequently it will depend on foot traffic and personal preference.