FAQ's Floor Sanding and Polishing

6 reasons why you should get your solid wooden floors sanded and polished

  1. It gives your timber floor another lease of life
  2. Solid Timber flooring can add value to your property, increasing your equity.
  3. Solid Timber floors last longer than carpet, vinyl, tiles and other laminate floorings.
  4. Ideal for people with allergies, no carpet mites or other nasty's, keep your family safe!
  5. Solid wooden flooring is easy to keep clean and dust free
  6. No more carpet stains, ideal for rental properties.

What happens to the rubbish?

All of the rubbish associated with our floor sanding job, will be taken away and disposed by our flooring specialists.  

Can I stay in my home while you are floor sanding and polishing?

During the initial stage of floor sanding you can stay in your home, however in the final stages of floor sanding we recommend that you find alternative accommodation as you are unable to walk on the floor and the smell is very strong if moisture-cured polyurethane is used.

My Timber floors have a lot of staples in them, will you take care of these?

NUFLOORS will endevour to remove as many as we can without them breaking or you can remove them carefully yourself with pliers - try not to break them. They may require grinded off (which we do with a small grinder) prior to floor sanding.

What is the difference between solvent and water based Polyurethane?

Moisture cured is a solvent based polyurethane and is very strong smelling and takes 24 hours to harden. Waterborne is a water-based polyurethane which is non-smelling and only takes approximately 4 hours to dry. Waterborne polyurethane is not toxic, and non-yellowing. Both products take 3 days to fully cure.

Is there a minimum charge for a small area?

Yes for very small areas under 25 sqm we have a minimum charge policy. If the total square area falls within this limit then we will charge our minimum flat fee. This flat rate includes floor sanding and applying 3 coats of your choice of polyurethane finish.

Do you give quotes over the phone?

Yes we can give you an indication  of what your job may cost over the phone if you are able to supply us with the measurements and condition of the soild hardwood floor. However, this just an estimate and can be confirmed during an on-site quote which is FREE with NO OBLIGATION.

Do you remove carpet, lino, tacks and staples?

Yes we can remove and dispose of carpet and vinyl, tacks and staples, this is an additional cost which will be discussed and added to the quote.

Do you fill nail holes, gaps and other random holes?

Yes most customers prefer to have the nail holes filled.  Some timber floors require nail hole and gap filling to give a uniform look while other timber floors should not be filled to keep it unique rustic look. We can recommend whether to fill or not at the time of the initial quote. However, the final decision is yours.

How long will it take for the smell to go?

If you have chosen water based coating there will be no lingering smell.  However if solvent based polyurethane has been selected, once the floor sanding process is complete and you are able to get in and open up the place to air out, the smell should be gone in approximately 24 to 48 hours. 

How long do polished timber floors last?

When properly maintained, polished timber floors can last a lifetime. On average carpet needs to be replaced every 10 or 12 years. Every polished timber floor should be re-visited between 10 years if wear is showing then a re-glaze may be recommended.

Is it true that solid hardwood floors provide a cleaner sanitized environment?

Yes carpet attracts and can contain many allergenic spores, dust-mites, bacteria, fungi and other unhealthy microbes. Vacuuming regularly does not always remove these nasties. Water-borne polyurethaned floors can be washed with neutral detergents, killing germs and leaving your solid hardwood flooring disinfected and clean.

How much dust is left behind?

Floor Sanding can be a very dusty job!, however, our floor sanding machines have their own vacuum cleaners attached which removes much of the dust during the floor sanding process. We also vacuum the floor between coats and do our very best to minimise the amount of dust distributed.  We recommend you remove or cover any electrical appliances and curtains prior to the sanding process.

My wooden flooring has black water stains around the nails stains in the wet areas, can they be removed?

Water stains may not always come out, it's all dependent how deep into the hardwood timber they are. It will only be apparent once we commence floor sanding on these areas. There are no guarantees that watermarks will ever come out with floor sanding, floorboard replacement is the ONLY option to resolve this issue.

My current solid timber flooring is looking worn and dull, what alternative options are available?

Your solid timber floor could require a reglaze or maintenance coat. This is when we clean the wooden floor the day before with hot soapy water, then allow to dry. Then we lightly disc back the timber floor and apply two coats.

Are timber floors recommended for rental properties?

Polished wooden floors are ideal for rental properties and are very common. No more orange cordial, or red wine stains or the extra expense of calling in the carpet cleaners.

How long will it take to get my timber floors sanded and polished?

Job duration is dependent on the size, the wooden floors condition and the extra wooden flooring requirements i.e. nail hole filling, staining, repairs etc...


  • 40-75 square metres (Half a 3 bedroom house or Whole 2 bedroom unit) – 3 to 4 Days
  • 75-100 square metres (Whole 3 bedroom house) – 4 to 5 Days
  • 100+ square metres (Whole larger 3-4 bedroom house) - 4 to 6 Days

What type of finish can I have?

To discuss the pros and cons of each finish please call us, as every floor may require different finishes according to area, amount of sunlight, living situation etc...

Gloss finish is very shiny and reflective, Satin is a midrange coat which is very popular, lo-sheen is a dull and flat like finish and is our most popular finish.

The lesser the shine the more forgiving the timber floor is to scratches, defects, dust, dirt and general wear and tear. We can easily make samples so you can see and choose the finish you like.

Do you move all the furniture and replace it, or is it the customers responsibility?

No - due to liability and insurance issues, the customer is solely responsible for their furniture.

How far in advance should I book in with you?

We recommend you book in as soon as you have a confirmed date. Generally, two weeks is usually enough notice.

I am getting carpet laid in other areas, when should I get it laid?

It is recommended that the floor sanding and polishing to be done first, shortly followed by the carpet. New carpet can create a lot of unwanted dust that can affect the wet polyurethane, thus giving it a dusty speckled finish.

Can I wear my stilettos on the timber floor?

Never wear stilettos on wooden floors. Any pointed heeled shoes should be avoided.  It's the number one sin!!!