Hardwood Flooring

There are many reasons why we choose hardwood floors.
- The visually pleasing colours,
- the warmth of the grain
- the imperfect marks that indicate character and uniqueness in every board
- the affordability and durability
- the easy maintenance
- the lifetime investment

The Nufloors team can assist you with your decision, ensuring that we supply and install high quality wood including but not limited to American Oak, Kwila, Rimu, Tawa, Matai and Jarah flooring.
Whatever your choice we will provide free advice to ensure the finished product complements the design and comfort of your home or workplace. As professional flooring specialists, the team at Nufloors in Auckland will guide you through the hardwood flooring installation and/or repair process.

Value - There is nothing more timeless than natural wood, and the value that it adds to your home just increases over a lifetime. A Hardwood floor is one of the most sought after hard surfaces in the flooring industry. Despite changing trends and evolving design, this is one investment that will continue to increase in value as your home does.

Maintenance - Although the simple methods of sweeping and vacuuming are of course mandatory, preventative maintenance is the key with a Hardwood floor. Adding rugs will protect from moisture and floor protectors on all your furniture that is in contact with the floor will minimise scratches and scuff marks. The use of good cleaners is also important. Your Nufloors specialist will advise you on what off the shelf and/or specialised products would be best suited to ensure longevity of your new floor. It is important to note that Hardwood flooring is so durable that with the correct polishing and sanding it will not stain. However if it does sustain damage Harwood flooring can easily be
replaced or resurfaced, restoring it to the original condition.

Environmentally friendly - Unlike other floor coverings, wooden floors come from a sustainable resource. Considering the value of this resource, there are now rejuvenation management plans in place to ensure the continued resource in the future. This means that timber used for construction such as Harwood flooring is now replaced with twice as much hardwood timber. Additionally there is more standing hardwood timber today than there was 50 years ago.

Health Benefits - Harwood floors in our homes and offices will support a healthy living environment. The flat hard surface does not allow for dust mites or mould. This supports the air quality in the home which is often the cause for health difficulties. Have you ever been in a home with newly laid carpet and found the fumes overpowering? This is known as off-gassing and is a result of the synthetic materials that are used in some alternative floor coverings. Any chemicals can potentially make people in the environment sick. Hardwood floors greatly reduce any chance of accumulation of any toxins. Your flooring specialist at Nufloors will also provide you information around our new water based polyurethane which is not only fast drying but also has no odour and therefore kinder to the environment, pets and children.

Harwood Timber Coloured Floors - With so many design options and many types of flooring species the colours range from pale ash to rich red right through to darker wood and warm golden colours. Your team at Nufloors also specialise in staining timber floors which can offer you the option of a dark blackened finish gloss or matt or a whitewash effect creating a paler finish or now trending solid white gloss finish.
Light floors certainly support the modern contemporary style as do dark floors however the mid-range of colours tend to reflect better disguising dirt and dust on the floor.

Installation - An important part of your choice of Hardwood flooring is the installation. Many problems can arise from the incorrect installation of floor. Other than design, moisture in the air, angles and incorrect application can all result in problems with flooring. Incorrect installation can also void any warranty that the manufacturer may have. Your flooring specialist at Nufloors will provide sound advice and ensure that you floor is installed as required to meet the manufacture warranty. Your satisfaction with the finished quality product being our key focus.

So if you are ready to transform you home by installing or restoring your Hardwood floor, we invite you to give us a call at Nufloors in Auckland and a flooring specialist will come and talk with you.