Floor Preparation

The NUFLOORS team offers a professional floor sanding, coating, installation and repair service Auckland wide.  Assisting our customers to address their wooden flooring needs.  Wooden floors are easy to clean and dust free. This makes them ideal for both residential and commercial properties, including church flooring, sports floors, stage flooring, community floors, town hall flooring, school hall floors and gym flooring.


Good floor preparation is the key to a high-quality finish on any wooden floor, whether it is cork flooring, solid wooden flooring or parquetry flooring.
Nufloors specialise in surface preparation, As everyone Knows, correct preparation is the key for a perfect result and Nufloors has the experience, knowledge and the tools needed to on the most demanding floors. Our Concrete Grinding and vacuum Systems utilize the latest, technology to enable us to efficiently grind and remove old products, Paints, levelling compounds from your floor with minimal Dust!

We will ensure your subfloor is taken care of in the most efficient, cost-effective and timely manner so you can get on with your project.

A variety of floor preparation procedures need to be followed in the preparation process, some of these are listed below.

Concrete Floors -

All Concrete flooring must be concrete grinded and a moisture barrier applied to ensure correct mechanical adhesion.

We use Handley Industries Vapour stop, vapour stop is a 2 component epoxy coating designed to work as a water barrier prior to installation of timber flooring, Vapour stop vastly reduces the ability of moisture to migrate from the concrete below into timber above, thereby reducing the likelihood of flooring failure through dimensional changes in the wood.

Timber Floors -

We will inspect floor to establish whether it is suitable for hardboard underlay to be installed. If not, the floor will have to be rough sanded and any squeaky boards will need to be nailed down.

Chipboard, Particleboard or Ply Floors

We will sand Joints level, fill all nail or screw holes and then check your flooring carefully as ply may de-laminate and chipboard will swell with moisture.

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