Hardwood Floor Installation

In order to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the big day, here is a pre-installation checklist:

  • Verifify the hardwood floor installation date.
  • Ensuring the removal of all breakables from the room.
  • Remove furniture, appliances and the sub-floor, if needed.
  • Arrange for the disconnection of gas appliances and icemakers.
  • Determine if there is any change to the height of the floor requiring adjustments to doors for closing etc.
  • Ensure the removal of items in storage areas and closets where the hardwood floor is to be installed.
  • Remove drapes, wall hangings and pictures from walls.
  • Verify that your in-home temperature is appropriate for laying hardwood floors.

With the right tools and by following the hardwood flooring installation guidelines you can install a wood floor, but there are some tricky aspects to hardwood floor installation, and unless you're experienced and accustomed to working with your hands, you may be better off seeking professional assistance. We recommend employing an experienced hardwood floor installer.

Why solid hardwood floors?

Solid Hardwood floors are durable, long lasting and beautiful. The natural colours and patterns found in natural wood create a comfortable and inviting living environment.

Does solid wood flooring last longer than prefinished flooring?

Yes and No. With both solid and prefinished flooring, the polyurethane determines the life of the polished product, which is the wear layer, however solid wood flooring can be re-sanded multiple times and can outlast our lifetime.  Prefinished has a 3 - 5mm layer of hardwood, so a floor sander can only refinish the floor 2 -3 times in its life.

Can I install solid wooden flooring in a kitchen?

Yes, solid wooden flooring can be installed in a kitchen and will perform well-provided that some simple preventative measures be taken. For example, all chair legs should have felt flooring protectors, which should be checked and replaced periodically, and the working area of the kitchen front of stove, sink or island, should have a small area rug, since it will get a lot of use. Also, be sure to wipe up spills when they occur, sweep the floor as needed, and use walk off mats near doors to catch dirt and debris.

How long do Solid hardwood floors last?

When properly maintained solid hardwood timber floors can last a lifetime, The average carpet needs to be replaced every 10 - 12 years.

Is it true that hardwood floors provide a cleaner healthier home?

Absolutely, carpet attracts and holds many allergenic spores, dust mites, bacteria, fungi, animal dander and many other unhealthy microbes. These disturbing irritants are dispersed every time you vacuum. hardwood flooring provides a surface that can be serilized.

Can I install solid wood flooring over underfloor heating?

Any species of engineered wood flooring can be installed over radiant heat. Solid hardwood flooring can be installed over underfloor heating, though a Plywood underlay is recommended.

How long will it take to install my solid hardwood floor?

NUFLOORS Solid hardwood flooring installation team can install around 30 square meters of solid hardwood flooring per day.

Do all solid wood floors need to acclimatise?

Solid timber flooring needs to acclimatise to the average yearly local humidity condition where it will be installed for 24 to 48 hours. Engineered flooring does not need to acclimatize and can remain in their sealed boxes until installation.

Do solid wood floors come as a prefinished product?

No Solid wood floors need the floor to be sanded and finished providing an even surface.

What humidity content in the subfloor can a solid hardwood floor tolerate?

All subfloors for solid hardwood flooring should not exceed 12 percent.

Can I install 19mm solid timber flooring over concrete?

Yes, 19mm solid timber flooring can be installed over concrete if a wood subfloor is present or it is epoxy moisture sealed.

Can I install my solid wood floor over any subfloor?

Hardwood flooring can be installed over many types of subfloor. 19mm solid hardwood flooring can only be installed over plywood or Epoxy Moisture Sealed concrete while engineered flooring can be installed over concrete or plywood. Floating floors are the most versatile and can be installed over most subfloors.

Should solid hardwood flooring only be installed above ground level?

Yes, because solid hardwood flooring more susceptible to moisture than engineered wood floors they should only be installed above ground level over approved wooden subfloors and must be nailed down. We do not recommend hardwood flooring be installed in basements as the moisture content is normally too high. The cross-ply construction of engineered wood floors reduces the expansion and contraction of the floorboards and allows them to be installed anywhere in the home.

Which solid hardwood installation method should I choose?

There are three ways to install a solid wood floor — glue down, nail down or floating. If the subfloor is a concrete slab, only glue down or floating can be considered. However, if the subfloor is wood, all three methods will work.

What are the thicknesses available for solid hardwood flooring?

12 - 19mm is available but for stability form cupping , we recommend 19mm hardwood flooring

Do you restore hardwood timber floors?

Yes we have been restoring and repairing hardwood timber floors for many years, To repair a timber floor it takes experience, we recommend advise before any home handy work is done. We recommend a professional floor sanding company like nufloors.

Can you repair scratches on timber floors?

Yes our wooden floor repair team have been removing scratches with good results, A light sand, filling if the scratch and a reglaze of the wooden floor repair area.

Restoration timber floors

refer to our timber flooring repairs page.

What are the costs associated with my Timber Floor price - timber floor cost - timber floor installation cost - timber floor installation Price?

Your timber floor cost will depend on floor preparation and hardwood timber species.

  • we charge $20.00 per meter plus gst for concrete grinding and epoxy (waterproofing)
  • we charge $55.00 per meter plus gst for soild hardwood flooring installation.

Solid hardwood timber species - Due to the large range of tongue and groove, we can source the best solid timber flooring available at the time of your order.