To Review or not to Review that is the question

review it 1  good vs bad


Well where do I start with this one.... As an avid traveller and consumer I am known to research prior to purchasing, to considers others opinions or in this case reviews prior to making my decision or purchase.  With todays IT savy world I believe this is a common practice.  Hence this blog...

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Polished Wooden Floors


you can do it

I can do it myselft.... Todays average kiwi bloke definitey has the DIY attitude and this doesnt stop at walls and ceilings.  With many flooring products such as laminate and enginneered flooring promoting easy install and do-it-yourself technology, the team at Nufloors is starting to see an increase in "help me" requests.  Fortunatley our flooring installation and sanding teams are not known to walk away from a challenge...

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Whats so great about new Oak Flooring?

Believe it or not.. it is the latest craze.  Everybody whose anybody is wanting a solid oak floor .... Supplied, installed and polyurethaned.... Did you know that Nufloors can do exactly all of that for you?  You dont have to go to all the trouble of finding the oak wood supplier and getting a layer to install the floor and then of course a floor sander to sand and polyurethane it, you can get the team at Nufloors to do it all for you.  

So what is it all about, what is so great about new Oak flooring?  

oak stairs

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Floor Sanders Auckland


We appreciate our Auckland and Hamilton customers have busy lives, so Nufloors floor sanders will bring our flooring showroom to you.  With over 25 years of experience you can expect nothing but professionalism and sound advice on your flooring options.  

When you contact Nufloors you can expect that we will responde to you within 24 hours, however generally the reply is more prompt and within a few hours.  Nufloors is a family owned and operated business, and as such we pride ourselves on quality workmanship, efficency and professional service.  

As we live in a digital age Nufloors is proud to be a leader in providing up to date easy to use, mobile friendly flooring information and advice.  

cell phone

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Searching for Floor Sander Auckland?

Today is one of those days where I find myself pondering on the bigger questions in life and then I started to think about how things have changed over the years, so I thought what an awesome idea for a blog.  

man over yellow pages       why advertise in the yellow pages

Gone are the days where the yellow pages book was pulled out and we waded through the hundreds of pages looking for floor sanders in Auckland in the Flooring section. How about the search in the white pages under "F" or remember looking at adverts for services in the local news paper, supporting our local community serviceman.  Nowdays with such a competetive market for all services and the world being so IT focused, many including myself call Google our friend.  Lets face it, there is nothing that Google does not know or can not help us to find.  But does the most attractive advertisement or the paid adverts that generally sit at the top of the search page necessarily find you as the consumer the RIGHT service man for the job or in our case the best Auckland Floor sanding company.  

I am sure you agree that this is not necessarily the case... So what choices do we have?  

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When its not quite right

Did you know our solid wood floors are a bit like people? Your puzzled right! Well let me explain... like any two people who are of course people but different in many ways such as features and presentation etc, so too are peices of wood. At Nufloors we pride ourselves in putting up photos of our jobs during and at completion.  Lets face it many of us are stimulated by the pretty pictures online and as a visual person I know a beautiful picture of a sanded and polyurethane native or oak floor completed by our floorsanding Auckland team is inspiring.  For many customers this is a selling point as they say "I want my floor to look like that!  This last week we had a situation just like this... imagine our surprise when we were told it "is not quite right"...

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