Super Solid Oak Flooring

Oak Flooring

Oak grows as trees and shrubs and is a relative to the Beech family. Globally there are over 600 extant species of Oak.  A very popular choice in hard wood flooring installation Oak Flooring is light and clean in appearance and the finish can range from white ash to a warm summer tan.

Generally Oak is available in three grades. Although known as different names

- The higher priced grade for solid oak flooring predominately presents as uniform in appearance offering the customer a clear grain, consistent in colour.

- The mid range solid oak flooring may present with the odd natural feature such as gum, natural stains and knots.

- The high feature solid oak flooring grade where the wood presents at its most natural with a high presence of stains, knots and other such characteristics.

Neither one is better than the other as it is all about the style and design the customer is looking for in a solid oak floor. 

With so many species, there are numerous types of oak flooring available to you.

Tasmanian Oak Flooring
Our Auckland floor layer team at Nufloors are excited that we have formed a relationship with a new supplier of Australian timbers. One of the products they provide is this beautiful Tasmanian Oak.
Tasmanian Oak Flooring is sold free of sapwood however there may be a presence of burl or hobnail. To explain, all trees have the rings of growth, but sometimes when exposed to stress whether environmental or otherwise, a burl growth may occur. Burl is found just under the bark and presents on the tree as round outgrowth on either the tree trunk or branch. The Burl is filled with knots from dormant tree buds. Tasmanian Oak Flooring is light in colour with its colouring varying from straw to reddish brown with intermediate shades of cream to pink. It has excellent staining qualities which means we can easily match it with your existing timber flooring.

European Oak Flooring
European Oak has been used in Europe for the past 1000 years for building boats, dock and harbour work, rail wagons, ladder rungs and for all purposes of exposure in contact with the ground. This makes European Oak flooring a good choice for your home. European Oak has a light tan to biscuit colour. Its characteristic feature is its silver grain which can be seen on the wooden flooring or furniture. European Oak flooring is as a tough and hard wearing wood which makes it an ideal choice for your wooden floor.

American Oak Flooring
American Oak is known for its ability to bend and flex with low stiffness. It also stains and polishes to a high quality finish. It is identified with its pale yellow colour which can also range to golden biscuit with pink highlights. The United States have long term sustainable forest management which supports environment conservation. This makes American Oak Flooring an excellent choice for your wooden floor.

There are many choices in Oak flooring for you to choose. If you would like to see samples or talk further about options please contact us at

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Our wooden flooring specialists will happily discuss options with you whether you are interested in Oak Floor installation Auckland, Oak Floor Sanding Auckland or Oak Floor laying Hamilton or Oak Floor Sanding and polyurethane Hamilton.