Vauxhall Rd, Matai Flooring

Vauxhall Close, Hard wax Oil, Matai flooring, Trowel Filled, 3 coats of Low Shean hard wax oil Finish

Timber Species - existing matai Timber flooring
Scope of work - rough sand, trowel fill then fine sand
Finish - 3 coats of Solvent based finish low sheen

Matai Timber flooring - Lake rd, Takapuna Nufloors had been contacted by the owners of this priceless property in Takapuna to sand, stain and polyurethane this 100 year old floor which includes a set of stairs with two landings and a sun nock. The heart Matai flooring wasn't in the worst condition which of course was good for us.

So Nufloors came in and removed the old carpet, and spent the day pulling out nails and tacks everywhere. Once this was completed it was into the sanding process of the floor. For the purpose of staining, the floors needed to be sanded to a fine finish. So No Handy sanders on this job site.

So over the course of the week the team at Nufloors spent their time wisely making sure that the floor was completed for a stain finish. As much as possible floor sanders try to successfully complete the job to the highest standards possible.

But as in this case and many other cases around New Zealand, our native timbers are not suitable for and should not be stained. The result is not the best for you the customer. The result is usually worst if you use oil with water based polyurethane. Solvent based polyurethane and stains are better but still not the best finishing.
If you would like to have a slightly different colour than Nufloors Floor Sanding Services Auckland can stain your flooring successfully by adding stain directly to the polyurethane.

So after we went to all that work the customer wanted it resanded and redone in solvent based polyurethane with the stain added to the polyurethane. Which was not surprising really as the job looked terrible and I for one believed it needed to be redone. The results are that we ended up with a very happy customer and a far better looking floor.

Remember that in New Zealand the oils are only for hardwood flooring NOT NEW ZEALAND


Now we list this job as the what the hell category. With very thick paper backed vinyl glued this wood floor this was not a job for our big floor sanding machines. Not yet anyway. It was out with our trusty little floor sander minions and the concrete grinder. By the way I should mention that there was two of them totalling 240 square meters. I'm not talking about minions, I'm talking about two barracks. the floor restoration to be carried to in accordance with the Auckland council guideline, "TO MAKE THE HALL FLOORING LOOK ORGINAL"

Now with the minions instructed on what to do it was all systems go. Not not not. No power. Everybody on site and a right mess. Really. Come on give us a break already. Oh did I mention painters and no wooden flooring in some areas. Yes Yes a big hole where wood flooring should be? A construction site with every man and his dog, his mother her friend and the old man down the road, Humm how many is too many on this site.

Nearly four weeks of going backwards and forwards to Takapuna, North shore we finally got the floor sanders underway. Well on one at least. Better than nothing. Nufloors had three guys working around everyone and finally got it near done.
Time to start on the second one while the tradesmen finished with the first one. With the second one well underway and two weeks later and to give the boys credit they were doing an outstanding job. Now with both barracks hall floor sanding complete its was now time to start the hard wax oiling process.

This was a very complex job for which our team did a very good job on. Firstly the timber flooring was primed with a special water base sealer, next the oil stain was hand rubbed and buffed on with a polishing machine. Then a couple of clear coats of hard wearing, Hard Wax OIl in clear to finish it off. Fort Takapuna north shore hall flooring complete
Fort Takapuna Matai Hall flooring Written by HUGH, Hall flooring specialist
See the photos of the complete timber flooring job HERE Oil Vauxhall