Aulyn Dr, Matai Flooring

Aulyn Dr, Solvent base Polyurethane, Matai flooring , 3 coats of Low Shean Finish

Now Driver Road in Mangere is another repeat customer. We do between ten to twenty houses a year for this customer with set prices and guidelines on his wooden flooring. For example we always come in and do a prep sand in the kitchen before the new kitchen goes in. And in most situations we will pre sand all other areas that we may be doing later.

So why do a prep sand before the new kitchen goes in. Well first of it gives a nice clean flat floor for the kitchen and second, which is the most important thing from my point of view. It makes the final floor sanding easier when we come back. as a floor sander we dont want damage a new kitchen so clean floring around a kitchen is good

So in this case the customer wanted a glossy look on this two toned or cooured matai timber floor. Really no problem for our floor sander team who had it sanded and coated in a couple of days. I quite like the two toned matai as I think it is better looking. But each to their own.
I am working on another wood floor for this customer this week. A tawa timber flooring. So look out for that blog.
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