Kurnell Dr - Blonded Flooring

Kurell Dr - Blonded Flooring

Timber Species - Prefinished engineered Timber flooring
Scope of work - White wash floor, rough sand, trowel fill then fine sand
Finish - 2 coats of white paint 2 coats of water based finish low sheen

Kurnell drive, Botany White timber floor White washed, blonded or completely blocked out. Nufloors went in and sanded a floor that might be considered closer to a Tasmanian Oak hardwood floor maybe? The customer wanted to have the floor finished in a blonde white finish.

However this was not to be the case because on floor sanding the floor we discovered that the floor may have been repaired at some stage because we found a lot of areas had been replaced with a much darker timber. This was to be the start of a major problem for us and the customers.

So what to do? We explained to the customers that blonding would not hide the different types of hardwoods. When they asked us what other options were available to them we suggested staining with a medium dark stain. With a colour picked we continued on with the sanding.

After awhile we were approach again because they had concerns about the colour they had chosen. I gave Daryl a ring and asked him to come over with some colours and sample boards. We stopped work until this new set back was brought under control.

After a further discussion between Daryl, myself and the customers they asked if we could try painting the floor white. Now I was up for the challenge. So to save on cost we sent the owners up to Bunnings with a shopping list for me.

Timbacryl white gloss was brought along with new brushes and rollers. Away we went by days end they had a very white floor. Now I must say that at this point I was not impressed. However as more coats of Timbacryl with water based polyurethane added to it went on to the floor I must admit that I was very happy with the end result.

This as now opened many possibilities for us and our future customers as we can now do any wood floor type in any colour required in the Timbacryl range. We could even do it in different designs. Maybe or favorite team colour in your games room. Anything might be possible for you.

So the floor was done with Timbacryl white and Handley's water based polyurethane.