Premiere Oak 12mm

Premiere Oak is an engineered flooring wood plank that is available in the same colours as Elegant Oak.  However at 12mm Premiere Oak is a more economical choice to Elegant Oak and as such would complement any residential or commercial space for use on celings, walls and flooring.  Supplied pre-finished and ready to use as soon as installation is complete.  

Made from genuine French Oak, Premiere Oak has a 2mm wear layer which allows approximately 1-2 resands.

So why choose engineered flooring? Engineered flooring is perfectly suited to New Zealand’s climate conditions and is far less susceptable to the stabilty issues that are associated with solid wood flooring. Elegant Oak engineered flooring is coated with German UV cured acrylic Lacquer which incorporates anti- scratch technology.  

Premiere Oak has an ultra matt finish with a subtle brush surface creating a defined appearance.  This makes it a suitable choice for both home and office.