Elegant Oak 15mm

Elegant Oak is an engineered flooring wood plank that is supplied pre-finished and ready to use as soon as installation is complete.

Elegant Oak is 15mm thick, a common thickness with engineered flooring and suitable for most uses, including laying over existing surfaces or mathcing up to carpet, tiles etc.

It is thinner than our 19mm Premiere Oak range and is therefore less expensive.  Made from genuine French Oak, Elegant Oak has a 4mm wear layer (area of hardwood timber above the tongue), which allows approximately 2-3 resands.

So why choose engineered flooring? Engineered flooring is perfectly suited to New Zealand’s climate conditions and is far less susceptable to the stabilty issues that are associated with solid wood flooring. SMARTFLOOR engineered flooring has a base of multiple cross-directional ply layers which are highly effective at resisting any movement such as shrinkage, cupping and warping.

Elegant Oak has an ultra matt finish with an intense brush surface creating a defined appearance.  This makes it a suitable choice for both home and office.