Ultra 21mm

ULTRA is an engineered flooring wood plank, supplied pre-finished and ready to use as soon as installation is complete. The point of difference with Ultra is in its thickness; while many engineered floors are around 15mm thick, ULTRA is 21mm thick - equivalent to most solid timber floors. Ultra has a 6mm wear layer (area of hardwood timber above the tongue), which is the same as most solid timber flooring. Therefore you can get just as many resands out of it as you would from most solid timber floors.

So why choose engineered flooring? Engineered flooring is perfectly suited to New Zealand’s climate conditions and is far less susceptable to the stabilty issues that are associated with solid wood flooring. ULTRA engineered flooring has a base of multiple cross-directional ply layers which are highly effective at resisting any movement such as shrinkage, cupping and warping.

ULTRA makes a very a robust and stable floor and although a more expensive option than 15mm engineered flooring, its generous wear layer provides a much greater lifespan.