Christmas rd - Manurewa - Rimu timber flooring

Christmas rd - Manurewa - Rimu timber flooring

We have stated many times we can do all most anything in the floor sanding world.Most people would take one look at this floor and carpet or even worse vinyl over this lovely rimu timber floor.

When I arrived onsite to quote the wooden flooring in the home in Manurewa the customer had already had another flooring company onsite to do this job. They left with their head down low and could not get the first sand completed.

Don't fear.. Don't panic.. nu floors is here. Gareth the floor sander removed his tools from his van the customer said it looks the same as the last floor sanding experts... i laughed floor sanding experts they were not.. but the end of the first-day Gareth had removed the wet sticky black tar residue that was on this floor.

But also in the kitchen was a rare glue. an old silicone based glue which blunts down all normal sandpaper used by floor sanders.

By the time the customer popped out to get coffees from wild bean cafe Gareth had wiped off this glue with the special floor grinder that we use. By days end the customer was amazed. Home for a well warned cold drink.

Day two. Now with the Timber floor clean from the glue and tar back it was time get the rest of the flour sanding completed. 24 grit.. 40 grit.. 80 grit .. 120 grit sanding was completed.. then the floor polishing was completed with 150 grit the wooden flooring was thoroughly vacuumed ready for the Polyurethane. Two coat of moisture Cured Polyurethane was applied and we left for the day to alow the coating to dry.

Day three. Out with the floor polishing machine again to lightly sand down the floor finish... orbital around the edges then another vacuum.. the final coat was then applied handley Industries low shean