Birdwood Road - Rimu Flooring

Birdwood Road - Rimu Flooring

Timber Species - existing Rimu Timber flooring
Scope of work - rough sand, fill then fine sand
Finish - 3 coats of water based finish low sheen

We Got to love these jobs. Birdwood Road, Massey - West Auckland was a job we did for one of our construction companies. The timber floor installation was previously organized by the owner and was now in need of a make over.

Why ? the original floor sander had used a cheep water based polyurethane which had now gone very yellow. The before photos just don t show how bad it looked.. the timber flooring was recycled rimu out of a burnt down house this gave the floor an amazing look which i liked. Now i had staff on holiday so guess what.. i was back on the floor well rimu flooring to be exact.

To the sanding floors - this old crap poly did not want to come off as soon as i touched it with the floor sanding machines it just heated up a gumed up Great. So out with the heavy artillery 20 grit. Yeh har that did the trick. Now with the polyurethane off the fine sanding was completed a short time frame.. so i suppose once a floor sander always a floor sander.. humm

This recycled timber flooring was finished off with paulmans palex water base cool looking floor with the burnt stains through out.. i liked it