Whitford Rd, Rimu Flooring

Whitford rd, Whitford - Water Based Polyurethane, Rimu flooring, Trowel Filled, 3 coats of Low Shean Finish

Timber Species - existing Rimu wooden flooring
Scope of work - Repair flooring, sand, fill fine sand
Finish - 3 coats of Water based finish low sheen

Whitford Rd job is a older home that had been done up some years ago and made into a beautiful modern home that stands today. The heart rimu floor was done in a solvent based polyurethane and was starting to have a yellow old look to it.

The customers wanted it redone in a water based polyurethane to give it a much lighter look while able to stay in the house. The beauty of water based polyurethane is that it is as strong as solvent based while not leaving the smell. It also means that you can stay in the house while we do your floors for you.
So this rimu floor had to be repaired before we could sand the floor. With the repairs completed we got underway, floor sanding heart rimu. It didn't take long to complete and have it all coated up and completed on time. Another floor completed by the A team of Nufloors Floor Sanding Services Auckland.
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Whitford Rd, Rimu Wooden Flooring - Written by Hugh, floor sander