Te Kowai Rd - American Oak Flooring

Te Kowai Rd - American Oak Flooring

Timber Species - New American Oak Timber flooring
Scope of work - rough sand, Spot fill and fine sand
Finish - 3 coats of Solvent based finish low sheen

We at Nufloors have said we do floor sanding all over the country and doing a floor in Hamilton is no exception. We are not just Auckland floor sanding Company. Well, Te kowhai to be exact. This wooden floor company was contracted to lay rustic American Oak timber flooring. For you who don't know what Rustic Oak is, it American Oak but with lots and lots of knots in the timber flooring and holes were the knot should have been. Our timber floor installers made short work of this job, 3 1/2 days. Once the wooden flooring installation was completed the floor needed to be trowel filled. But before you can do that we needed to epoxy all the knot holes with coloured epoxy.

Then trowel filling was done and the sanding began. This job in Te kowai was done in two parts. One for the upraised bath floor and two for the rest of the house. The total square meters was over one hundred and twenty meters on the just hardwood floors.
The owners were a bit undecided as to what they wanted for a finish for this beautiful floor. One wanted a chocolate or brown type stain while the other wanted to keep it natural. So I went out to the van and came up with a Nufloors secret recipe which I put on a small piece of oak. On the money and two very happy people. So back in business and away I went sanding their floor.

So the first part was to sand and polish the bath area. This was a straightforward process and was completed over a three day period. Photos of this are in our gallery. Very happy people. The customers loved the outcome and couldn't wait for the rest of the floor to be completed.

The second part.
I started on the main floor on Monday and by end of the day had made good progress.
Tuesday morning saw the rough sanding completed and starting on fine sanding the floor, Well for a couple of hours anyway. The builder turned up and we came to a stop. Put off for a week please so that everything else in this new house could be completed on time. Yes we could do that. So I packed up the floor sander and will see you in a week.

A week later and it was back on site in hamilton but not alone. I dragged the boss out from under the tree he was sleeping under and away we went. Sanding sanding floor sanding. Four days later and the floor sanders were hot, job was completed with a secret stained mix on the hardwood floor.
It's good working with my mate and boss. We know what needs to be done and done it is. Check out all the photos for this job in our gallery Photos.