VodaFone newmarket - Engineered Flooring

VodaFone newmarket - Engineered Flooring

Timber Species - existing Tawa Timber flooring
Scope of work - rough sand, trowel fill then fine sand
Finish - 3 coats of Solvent based finish low sheen

Engineered American Oak flooring, Newmarket In the heart of downtown Newmarket is a little red shop that is a Vodafone store. It is at this shop that you can buy your latest phone. Or change your account or if slightly less rich get a top up. Unfortunately for this little Vodafone store the wooden hardwood floor had gone way past it'suse by date and was to put it nicely. Stuffed. However this of course is no problem with us floor sanders. The team at Nufloors specializes in the hard to do basket. Bring it on.

The biggest problem with this one was trying to get in to do the job. Once we finally got a date and time it was all systems go for sanding a wooden floor. So myself and my minion aka Aaron offered to work late and got in at 4.30pm. No. To early. Alright then. Up the road for a early dinner. 5.00pm yep that would work. So after helping to empty the shop we could start floor sanding.

So for three hours my nephew and i worked on this shop floor. By 8.00pm the sanding process was done and it only needed to be disked vacuum cleaned and coated. How hard was that. By 9.00pm we was done and dusted.

As luck would have it we only needed to put one coat on it that night. The next night two more coats were added to the floor to make it look almost brand new.
Three coats of water based polyurethane in a two pack for a harder wearing floor. The polyurethane was Traffic HD from Bona.