Onehunga Mall Rd - New Matai Flooring

The customer for this job had matai flooring already and was looking around at wooden flooring companies to install new matai flooring in their dinning room. Nufloors Auckland Floor Sanding who specializes in the supply and installation of New Zealand natives and hardwoods to supply install and sand and polyurethane new matai in her dining room and lounge.

The substrate was a particle board floor which pre sanded first. We then installed the new timber on top. Our floor layer did a great job and had the completed in a day. Not sure what time he finished but good job Jason.

We came in the next day to sand and polyurethane the floor. Piece of cake for our floor sander. In less than three hours we had two coats on and out the door. You know you just gotta love it when it's easy. The new matai looked very nice even if it didn't match the existing area.

The floor was coated with four coats of solvent based polyurethane supplied by Handley Industries in Auckland. Gloss was the top Coat.