Papkura Hall - Hall flooring

Papakura Hall, Solvent based Polyurethane, Rimu Wooden floors, 3 coats of Gloss Finish

Papakura Community Hall floor day one Take one. We all arrived at the office on time. Good start to the day one thinks. We load the extra floor sander machine into my van and with a heap of sand paper we were off to the papakura sports hall flooring job. We get to the sports hall and set a big machine up with a 24 grit and away I went. No such luck. The floor was laughing at me. So it was back to the office for another floor sanding machine and 16 grit. this solid timber floor was going to be trouble.

Take two. Back to the hall, we set up one machine with the 16 grit on it and away we went again. Back in business. So we went for a triple run on this hall. One machine had the 16 grit on it one machine had a 24 grit and the other machine had a 40 grit on it. We were away. We were able to maintain this floor sanding run till lunch time when I realized that this wasn't working too well for us and we spent more time waiting for the 16 grit machine. Crap crap and triple crap.

Take three. Damn it, how hard is it to sand a floor. Right new plan on take three. Two machines running 16 grit with Andrew and Gareth and good old me running two machines with a 24 and 40 grit on them. About time now we have it.
Take four. A ha ha no more takes. We had the system and nothing was going to stop us now. Well something did. By 4pm it was just too hot to carry on so it we packed up and was gone by by 4.30 for a few cold ones.

Papakura Community Hall floor day two
Day two was somewhat easier as we had a plan. The boss was back from the beach and it was all systems go. The boss had decided that he had more important things to do than be a floor sander and didn't turn up till 11 am but that was all good because we were sanding floors. Ths Solid wood flooring was going to be beaten.
I must say, though I didn't say it to him it was nice see to him. However in true Daz fashion he buggered off at 1pm and didn't come back till 4. But all said and done we did make good progress. So good on us.
That pretty much covered our day till we left at 5.30.

Papakura Community Hall floor Day three
Well hell New Years eve. Really. Who the heck was floor sanding solid wood floors on new years eve. Guess what. Nufloors. As it turned out his lordship had decided that I had been working too hard and was in need of a rest. Well now who am I to complain. So I sat back and watched the boys do all the work. You just gotta love that.

I ended up on lunch duties while the team continued to work sanding the hall. 1.30pm rolls on and that was that. Catch you up later. Of to have a swim and drink bourbon..

Papakura Community Hall floor Day four
Well maybe day six. Well happy new year people. It Saturday the 3rd of January and a new working year is here. So our team of floor sanders started the year with vengeance. His lordship the new guy now nicknamed Digby ( we have no idea how we came up with that one) went and put the last coat on the Clendon sports hall flooring while guppy carried on with the Papakura Community Hall floor.

We are hot and bothered at Papakura to find that things were moving along already. So with us all there we had all their machinery going full steam ahead. Sunday and Monday was pretty much the same. Tuesday finally had us coating the hall. Wednesday through to Sunday had the line markers in and Monday and Tuesday had us putting on the final coats on the soild timber floor at the papakura community Hall.
Photos Click Here Papakura Hall
written by hugh, sports flooring floor sander


Over the Christmas period, the floor sanding team at Nufloors did a 750 square meter wood flooring job for the Auckland city council. As part of the contract as a wooden floor company we came in and sanded and polyurethaned the Papakura community hall floor. This wooden flooring is beautiful tawa timber flooring. Having to start this timber floor on the 29th of January made the job a lot harder because of two days off for our floor sanders, New Years and a couple of half days in between.

So even with the short week, we as a floor sanding team managed to get the first coat on the wood floor by Tuesday ready for the line markers. They managed to have all the lines finished by Sunday allowing us to put the last two coats on Monday and Tuesday.
So here's a little on the job. - The old polyurethane was very hard to remove. Requiring a 16 grit to get the worst of it off. We found out later that it had around 14 coats of poly on it. After the 16 grit it was on to 24 grit and so on. In my time back with Nufloors as a floor sander this is the second time that I have had to use 16 grit. Just goes to show that you never really know how hard it can be to sand old polyurethane off.

Unlike the old days when we coated all our floors on our hands and knees we have what is called a speed bar. One of the world's best inventions. See a picture of our floor sander Gareth having a go at it. After a site visit from the head man from the council, he signed off the finished job mentioning we had a professional floor sanding company and would be using nufloors on the next council job. Photos in our gallery Papakura Hall
written by hugh, school hall floor sander