Australian Oak, 125x16 Featured

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Australian Oak (Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak) is a light coloured and medium density hardwood, pale straw through to lighter browns, with excellent staining qualities. Used extensively for Timber flooring and panelling, and interior joinery. Victorian Ash when from Victoria or Tasmanian Oak when from Tasmania, this is not an Oak either, but a mixture of three very similar Eucalypt species that are marketed together.

Tasmanian oak (or Australian oak) refers to the hardwood produced by three trees: Eucalyptus regnans, Eucalyptus obliqua or Eucalyptus delegatensis, when it is sourced from the Australian state of Tasmania.

The hardwood timber is light-coloured, ranging from straw to light reddish brown. It is used in construction, including panelling and Timber flooring, for furniture, and also for reconstituted board and high quality paper. When sourced from Victoria, the wood of Eucalyptus regnans and Eucalyptus delegatensis is called Victorian ash.

The species are also widely known by their common names. Eucalyptus obliqua is known as stringybark or messmate, Eucalyptus regnans is known as mountain ash, and the closely related Eucalyptus delegatensis is known as alpine ash or woollybutt. 

  • 112mm wide boards
  • 13mm thickness - Must be direct stuck.
  • Various lengths 
  • Comes Un-finished - Finished with a good Quality floor sander, Nufloors 
  • Tongue & groove locking system - Quick and easy to install