Vitex Timber Flooring, 100x16 Featured

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Vitex is a durable hardwood with a pale yellowish to creamy-grey appearance. Texture is fine and slightly lustrous with an even grain. When freshly cut the timber has a leathery odour and the timber is greasy to the touch. Vitex Timber flooring is sourced from low-impact, village-based operations in the Solomon Islands.
Vitex pinnata is a tree of the Verbenaceae family, native to south and south east Asia. It is a slow growing tree, growing up to 20 metres with 1-3 m. circumference trunk that has a grey-brown-yellow bark; its leaves are scented. used mainly for decking and timber flooring.
  • 80mm wide cover floor boards
  • 12mm thickness - Must be direct stuck 
  • Various lengths 
  • Comes Un-finished - Finished with a good Quality floor sander, Nufloors 
  • Tongue & groove locking system - Quick and easy to install
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