Pro-Plank Feature Oak Smooth 190x21/6

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Pro-Plank Feature Oak Smooth 190x21/6 is a standard width plank that looks great in most areas. It comes unfinished in a feature grade, filled and sanded to 150# and without bevels on the edges. Unfinished product enables you to stain and/or coat the surface to achieve the exact look look you desire. Feature grade means the boards will have knots and general feature and will give character to any interior. Smooth finish products as opposed to brushed products, do not have a textured grain pattern that you can see and feel. Having no bevels gives the installed product a more streamlined look as you don't see the outline between planks from a distance.

This product can be used as both flooring or feature walls. 

Type: Engineered flooring - Unfinished plank
Dimensions: 21mm H, 190mm W x 1.9m L (up to 25% shorts)
Wear layer: 6mm European Oak
Status: Unfinished
Finish: [None]
Texture: Filled and sanded to 150#

Joints: T&G profile
Edges: No bevels
Installation: Recommend direct stuck. Light sand recommended before finishing 
Under-floor heating: Compatible with most types
Re-sanding: Approx: 4-5 times 

Cleaning: Varies depending on coating type used 
Surface maintenance: Varies depending on coating type used 
Warranty: 25 Year Residential warranty, 5 Year Commercial warranty

Code: U21/6FO190
Pack size: 1.805m2