Pro-Plank Prime Oak Brushed 190x21/6

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Pro-Plank Prime Oak Smooth 190x21/6 is a standard width plank that looks great in most areas. It comes unfinished in a prime grade, filled and sanded to 150# and without bevels on the edges. Unfinished product enables you to stain and/or coat the surface to achieve the exact look look you desire. Prime grade means the boards will be mostly free of knots and feature, giving a more clean and modern look. Smooth finish products as opposed to brushed products, do not have a textured grain pattern that you can see and feel. Having no bevels gives the installed product a more streamlined look as you don't see the outline between planks from a distance.

This product can be used as both flooring or feature walls. 

Type: Engineered floor - Unfinished plank
Dimensions: 21mm H, 190mm W x 1.9m L (up to 25% shorts)
Wear layer: 6mm European Oak
Status: Unfinished
Finish: [None]
Texture: Filled and sanded to 150# 

Joints: T&G profile
Edges: No bevels
Installation: Recommend direct stuck. Light sand recommended before finishing
Under-floor heating: Compatible with most types
Re-sanding: Approx: 4-5 times 

Cleaning: Varies depending on coating type used 
Surface maintenance: Varies depending on coating type used 
Warranty: 25 Year Residential warranty, 5 Year Commercial warranty

Code: U21/6PO190
Pack size: 1.805m2