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I can do it myselft.... Todays average kiwi bloke definitey has the DIY attitude and this doesnt stop at walls and ceilings.  With many flooring products such as laminate and enginneered flooring promoting easy install and do-it-yourself technology, the team at Nufloors is starting to see an increase in "help me" requests.  Fortunatley our flooring installation and sanding teams are not known to walk away from a challenge...

We have found flooring glued incorrectly and the more finanically viable product damaged due to incorrect application.  What this has lead to is an increase in cost and budget blow out for the householder.  Just looking for the polished wooden floor, customers have laid over beautiful natural native timber flooring in the search for clean, crisp light laminate flooring.  Of course this is totally a matter of choice and personal preference however before you start your DIY revamp on your wooden floor please ask the experts.  We can offer you flooring options, quality laminate and engineered flooring - (which is more sustainable for the environment) and of course solid wood options including our recently popular Kwilla flooring.  Cork tile and Parquet also provide stunning finishes and appropriatley complement the early european designed home.  

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Now dont get me wrong, we all know that not all DIY turns into a disaster.... Owning my own 1900's bungalow, I am a huge fan of DIY and I love the sense of accomplishment you have when a job is completed and looks amazing. Just keep in mind when you are looking at flooring, unlike a wall or even ceiling, your solid wooden floor will be exposed to a large amount of wear and tear, foot traffic and weight bearing furniture, so you should make sure what ever you decide to put down is going to look good but also last the distance.  Nufloors wooden flooring specialists will happily offer free advice and quotes for any prospective work.  Just give us a call.   

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