Parnell Rd - Engineered Hardwood Flooring

This white engineered oak hardwood floor was starting to get to the end of its life and we got in just in time. We had a small repair to complete in the laundry cupboard which did using normal American Oak. Once this task was completed it was into the sanding process.

Now it's about here that we ran into difficulty. Normally a prefinished floor is fairly easy to do but not in the case. It was in need of a 24 grit to get it off. What a pain in the ????. You get the idea. Well not to cry like a little girl we just got into it and over several days we got the sucker done and coated.

With the hardwood floor sanding completed it was coating time. This was a four coats job so we got two coats on it in no time at all. The coating system was done with Pullman water based polyurethane with a Matt finish.

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