Ponsonby Rd, Kwila Flooring

Ponsonby Road, Water based Polyurethane, Kwila wooden flooring, Trowel Filled, 3 coats of Low Shean Finish

Resently nu floors was involved in a shop refit, the customer has existing kwila flooring which was reddish in colour and wanted a more neutral brown colour. After consultation a antique brown water based stain was chosen, Next was the floor sanding, Our floor sanders had two open shops either side so we had noise concerns so the floor sanding process was completed outside of shop hours,

Next the floor staining, As a water base system was chosen we could complete the rest of the job during the day, our floor sanders applied the stain, then over the next few days the kwlia wooden flooring was completed with 3 coats of bona traffic hd commercial water based system.
check out the photos Wb Ponsonby
Ponsonby rd, Kwila flooring Written by daryl Floor sander for over 26 years
The photos are of a floor sanding job we did on ponsonby rd, the customer wanted a antique brown stain applied to the kwila timber flooring, as you can see we stripped off the old poly finish, the floor sander fine sanded the wooden flooring ready for the stain, Next we applied the flooring stain with our buffer then applied 3 coats of comercial water based polyurethane

Timber Species - Existing KwliaTimber flooring
Scope of work - rough sand, Spot fill and fine sand
Finish - 3 coats of Water based finish low sheen
Kwila yes yes, lately its been a kwila flooring run. 4 jobs in two weeks. . This time we are in Ponsonby. . Yes on ponsonby rd part of a shop fit out. This customer wanted a slight colour change so a bona water base stain was chosen. . The only problem was two shops either side still wanting to trade with little noise as possible. . So as always. Yes we can do it... this time no big floor sander was used.. we used our new kt 4 head floor sanding machine.. attached to the Vacume .. cool.. ..
Once the floor sanding process was complete. ..our floor sander converted the new kt machine into a floor staining machine, so as day two can to a finish the wooden flooring was fibe sanded and as you can see was coloured.. in bona ........
The next day we arived back early to this kwila flooring job and applied two coats of bona traffic hd with is chemical resistant. . The following days after a light buff sand the final coat is applied to the kwilawood flooring - job complete by nufloors flooring auckland
written by nufloors Kwila floor sander