Federal St - Parquet Flooring

Federal St, Water based Polyurethane, Parquet flooring.

Timber Species - American Oak Timber flooring
Scope of work - rough sand, Spot fill and fine sand
Finish - 3 coats of Water based finish low sheen

This apartment is another floor done by Nufloors, Floor Sanding. This herringbone parquet was finished with black and the customer wanted it resanded and redone in black with a gloss water based finish. No sweat. The total square meters was only seven square meters so it only took a couple of hours to do by our floor sander.
The method for which we got the floor black again is a secret that we unfortunately can not tell you. However it can be straightforward depending on the colour required.
The parquet was sanded to a fine finish than a coat of black was applied. Once dry a water based polyurethane with black added to it was applied. This process was done over the next couple of days until the floor was completed.
Parquet flooring is a very good way to finish a floor. We have been asked over the last few years if Nufloors can supply and lay parquetry or parquet. Well now we can so give us a ring for a free quote and we can show you a sample of it with polyurethane and oil on it.
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Federal Street CBD - Parquet timber flooring - written buy hugh timber floor sanding master