Ambury Park - Kauri Woolshed


Ambury Farm Park is located amongst the southern suburbs along Manukau Harbour, Auckland. Despite its urban location Ambury Farms provides the opportunity for the general public to visit and see a variety of farm animals including but not limited to sheep, cows, lambs, chickens and pigs.

With a historic feel about it, Mangere Mountain erupted approx. 18,000 years ago and this park sits on a field that has been made fertile from the ash of the volcano.  Also close to the waterways the area around the park also provided food by way of kai moana (seafood) and easy launching for canoe of the various nearby iwi (including Wai-o-Hua and Nga ti Wha tua).  The park and the Otuataua Stonefields to the south are the only places in Auckland where Māori stone structures remain on public land. Stone mounds at Ambury mark pre-European gardening sites.

So one may ask; what are the team of Nufloors 4 U doing on a farm?  

20170110 100934  20170110 101001

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Auckland Floor Sanders off to Waiheke Island

20161205 093128

It was an early morning when some key players of the Nufloors 4 U Team set out on their hikoi to the beautiful Waiheke Island. Although they werent too happy about the early morning start this lack of excitement soon melted away as the sun started to rise whilst travelling over from Half Moon Bay.

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Father and Son

20161204 212635

 Its official the Nufloors 4U team has grown to include the father and son duo.  Kyle Bolton-Kemp has recently starting working with the team.

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The Bamboo Knight's


20161004 131827


Bamboo is being used for all types of construction and flooring with its popularity increasing in recent years. Due its unbeatable strength and durability it is now considered an excellent choice in timber flooring installation. It is a sustainable resource that is kind to the environment as it replenishes itself quickly. Its light colour provides an excellent choice in wooden flooring as it enhances your home. Recently Nufloors completed a job out in Warkworth for a lady whose floor sander bailed on her. The Boss couldn’t bear to see a lady in distress so rode up on his white horse (I mean drove in the white van) to see if he could save the damsel's flooring issues.

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Buckland Community hall Flooring

Recently we were asked to reglaze a community hall floor, Reglaze you ask? That's when we apply two new coats of polyurethane to an existing polyed timber floor. and as you can see for the photos we will explain the process.

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Maretai timber flooring

20161205 093132

Nufloors has stated numerous times throughout our website that our floor sanders have been floor sanding just about anywhere. Maretai is certainly no different. What was the best part of this job? The view from his deck could be considered just too much. Especially since it was so hot. The water looked beautiful.

Any way about the wood floor. After all that's why most people read these blogs.

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