Parquet Kitchen

This week the Nufloors Auckland Floorsanding Team were provided with a parquet challenge which we of course accepted.   A customer had an existing parquet dinning/kitchen area.  Not only was she relocating her kitchen to another room but she wanted the new room to have parquet laid to match the existing dinning area.  As we all know, parquet is pricey and knowing this she decided to invest in expanding her parquet area rather than removing it and putting in new flooring..... So the first thing we did was..... 

 20170621 125202  20170621 125225


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A big job

Now and again Nufloors are asked to put in a tender for a big job... This week our Nufloors Auckland Floorsanding Team started one of these big jobs so for the first day it was all hands on deck and on site so to speak.  600m2 not our biggest job yet worthy of a good blog nethertheless... 

20170619 132815  20170619 132813


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Macropcarpa - A golden finish

Large spreading macrocarpas (Cupressus macrocarpa) are a common sight in rural New Zealand, and are usually found growing alongside homesteads and farm buildings.

Macrocarpa (also known as Monterey cypress) was first introduced to New Zealand in the 1860s, and planted for shelter.

Macrocarpa is highly sought after as a decorative and building timber. It is durable outdoors and can be used without any preservative treatment.

I remember when I was young and use to climb the big old trees on the farm, never would I have thought that the tree could be someones solid wooden floor. As you will see from the pictures Macrocarpa is a very nice timber when sanded and polyurethaned, but like Douglas-fir it is one that we don’t see a lot of.


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Like a box of chocolates

With all the new development in Pokeno, the Nufloors Floors sanding Auckland team were not surprised to secure some work in the area.  It can be both exciting and interesting for a new home owner when they discover what type of floor they have.  When we arrived on scene for the quote we could clearly see the build up and old solvent polyurethane on the pine wooden floors.  The house had undergone a complete modernised renovation but it was in desperate need for our floor sanders to get in there and perform there magic.


 20170703 080818   20170703 080922  20170703 080924

Although we know the finished wooden floor will look amazing and of course our Nufloors Floor Sanding Auckland team stand by the quality of their work.... Just like a box of chocolates we dont really know what we will get.  The end result is ....

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Anyone for sushi (2)

Our Nufloors Auckland Floorsanding Team have been out on the town so to speak, putting in the late hours to work on a solid native rimu wooden floor at the most unlikliest venues... a sushi shop.   Its not very often that you find native flooring in a new shop environment but ..

20170526 202205   20170527 202040

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Big Job Oak Wooden Floor In Karaka Auckland

20161209 094412   20161209 094610

Not that we are complaining but coming up to Christmas, floorsanding and polishing in Auckland and Hamilton gets a little bit crazy.  So our team at Nufloors 4U find themselves working through yet another weekend.  But what a beautiful new home to work in....

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