Ely Rd - Rimu Flooring

Ely rd, Remuera Rimu Timber Flooring, When looking at renovations to your hardwood flooring you need to consider all the possibilities of what can be done and what you may personally like to have. Staining wooden floors is becoming more and more common to have done. There are hundreds of different colours plus our floor sander can make up a colour to suit you. Te kowai was a job just like this. See pictures in our gallery.

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Kawakawa Bay - Matai Timber Flooring

Now to truly appreciate this job let your imagination run a little wild. So think of a really hot day and your trusty floor sander working hard. Now I ask a question. Do you believe in God. I have to say that I am not a great believer however I have to say that in the case of this job there must be. Because while I had sweat pouring from me he must have been laughing his head off.

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Orakei Rd - Tasmanian Oak Flooring

This Tasmanian Oak floor was certainly in need of a major re sand but before I talk about this job. What is Tasmanian Oak? Tasmanian Oak flooring is a combination of three Eucalypt species commonly found in Tasmania. Mixed Together they produce a blend of beautiful colouring from pale cream to pink and reddish-brown. Thank you Google. So there you go. Tasmanian Oak is in fact a Eucalyptus tree. Who would have thought.

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Broadway Newmarket.- Engineered Kwila Flooring

Nufloors has done many floor sanding jobs in Broadway Newmarket Auckland. This men's shop was a result of some mongrel doing a smash and grap. Driving the car through the glass front of the shop and stealing expensive items from the shop while leaving a trail of destruction behind them.
As contractors Nufloors Floor Sanding was asked to come in and see if the hardwood floors could be fixed and coated again in one night. The shops hardwood floors was in desperate need of been restored however time was not to be our friend.

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Nufloors In Tonga

Nufloors in Tonga. A number of months ago I approach Darly with a bucket list. One of which was to sand and polyurethane a floor in the Pacific Islands. To my surprise one came up just over a month ago. By bad luck we missed out on it. But one week later we got a phone call from Knut Klavene in Tonga. Knut asked us if we could come to Tonga and sand and polyurethane 80 square meters of parquet flooring for an influential business man. Of course we were more than happy to oblige him.

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Wood St - Papakura

Timber Species - Rimu Timber flooring
Scope of work - rough sand, trowel fill then fine sand
Finish - 3 coats of Water based finish low sheen

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