Ingram St - Tasmanian Oak Flooring

Tasmanian Oak is a very popular timber around Remurea and because of the lighter colouring it very popular to do in water based polyurethane. In the case of this floor in Remurea the customers had added to their house and the timber was sourced and installed by a contractor they had organized. Now normally we at Nufloors would do the install however in this case it was done long before we even quoted the floor so we didn't have to worry about it.

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Timber Flooring Installations in Auckland and Hamilton

Recently Nufloors - a wooden floor company has been installing hardwood flooring in houses in Auckland and Hamilton. Two of these jobs are for a builder which Nufloors has had a long relationship. The first of these timber floors was at the suburb of Mt Roskill. This solid Hardwood Timber flooring was laid with Kwila overlay timber flooring.


Whitewashing and Blonding

Whitewashing floorboards creates a fantastic space. It gives rooms a lighter, brighter feel and can be used to achieve a traditional light decor. Originally, whitewash was made from lime and water, but these days whitewash is also made from a watered down paint or by applying a modified Oil.
When whitewashing floorboards, the idea is to get the white colour into the grain of the wood so when the excess is wiped off the whitewash shows up the wood grain but does not cover the wood like normal paint.Whitewashing your floors is a time honoured way to lighten your wood floor and bring a touch of vintage charm to your home.


Clarence St, Ponsonby, Auckland

Clarence St is one of those very expensive houses in Ponsonby where you have no driveways and park on the street. First off I have to say that this is not my cup of tea. Now each to there own of course. And while their home is worth several million while my house is only worth 400k, give my house and location any day.


Blog - Burbon Gold (2)

 This white engineered oak hardwood floor was starting to get to the end of its life and we got in just in time. We had a small repair to complete in the laundry cupboard which did using normal American Oak. Once this task was completed it was into the sanding process.