When its not quite right

Did you know our solid wood floors are a bit like people? Your puzzled right! Well let me explain... like any two people who are of course people but different in many ways such as features and presentation etc, so too are peices of wood. At Nufloors we pride ourselves in putting up photos of our jobs during and at completion.  Lets face it many of us are stimulated by the pretty pictures online and as a visual person I know a beautiful picture of a sanded and polyurethane native or oak floor completed by our floorsanding Auckland team is inspiring.  For many customers this is a selling point as they say "I want my floor to look like that!  This last week we had a situation just like this... imagine our surprise when we were told it "is not quite right"...

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A step in the right direction (3)

20170503 065055


Welcome to Nufloors 4U 2016 Ltd. As most of our regular customers already know Nufloors Ltd was sold to my wife and I on the 18th of November 2016. Like Nufloors Ltd we are a family owned and operated business. Having worked for a few years for Daryl under Nufloors Ltd the transition into ownership was easy for both us and our regular customer base.

Nufloors 4U 2016 LTD or Nufloors still offers the same products and service with one major difference we guarantee the quality of our workmanship therefore offering a better service to our customers.

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Parquet anyone?


In the late 1600's parquet flooring was first invented in Versailles, France as an alternative to the marble flooring owned by the wealthy.  Small peices of hand cut coloured wood the shapes of squares, diamond and triangles were glued, scraped, sanded and then polished to acheive the desired look.  If laid incorrectly the flooring would lift easily therfore only highly skilled professionals would provide this service and as such only the wealthy would have such extensive flooring installed in their homes.  Hmm not much as changed today.  

20160901 084823   20160829 082410

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What does Wine and Wood have in common?

Ok there is the obviouis stuff... woody bouquets of flavour of a nice red wine but what else?  Well its the cork of course ...

Image result for images of cork trees

Yes cork comes from an oak tree and other than wine stoppers cork flooring is a very sustainable flooring option in todays environment.  Cork Flooring - with all the laminates, solid wood floor and other flooring options why should we choose cork. Well let me speak from my own experience.

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Rain rain go away

With all this rain and cold, 

winter house

I thought my blogs this week could cover a couple of questions that our customers regularly ask us.
So for the first one.....What is the difference between solvent and water based polyurethane?

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Carpet vs Laminated Flooring

If your still deciding on whether to install carpet or laminated flooring then this is the blog for you.

old carpet  nice couch

Carpet looks and feels amazing when new (although I think the new carpet smell is not so appealing).  To be honest anything that is new including laminated flooring looks amazing.  Its really boils down to practicality.  What is important to you? What matches your style? What suits your family and lifestyle?

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